Ah, Why "Hello There!"  It's so nice of you to drop in!

"Who am I?", you ask: 

A [lifetime] college gal, who got married, has finally pushed through the finish line with a Bachelors of Science degree - all while trying to find her first house with the hubby - and then adopted a crazy pit-bull mix of a dog. 
Mike and I with our newly adopted dog Hank McCoy - his Austin Pets Alive name was Danny Boy. Photo shows the tree of us on the sidewalk by the rescue group where we adopted him on April 6, 2016.
Since our last name is McCoy, my husband really wanted him to be called Hank.  That way we could have a Hank McCoy [Yeah, we're kinda geeky like that.] ....little did we know then just how much a "Beast" he could be!  Still love him most of the time though. ;-)

"What's Just Plum Petite all about anyway?":

Since life changes from day to day, week to week, month by month and so on, this blog may have hiccups where I forget a post, or go on vacation or just spend time with family.  My blog started as a hobby with a friend, and inspired by other friends who's blogs really flourished as a hobby.  I was hoping to make that happen years ago, but school and life were my major priority.  Thankfully I'm done with formal education, however I will never stop learning; something I learned from my dad at a very young age! I'm covering things I enjoy, and current adventures in my life by myself and with family & friends.  

"Tea Time Tuesday" - This is currently a work in progress to become a set topic for a weekly baking and tea pairing adventure with my friend +Lilian Brennan over at Petticoat Pedaler 

Some Topic Ideas may include:

  • Seasonal Goal Lists
  • Weight Loss journey [I really need motivation at this point]
  • FOOOOD!! [Nom, Nom, Nom] + Restaurant Reviews [If I like a place you will definitely hear about it!]
  • Cooking Adventures
  • Lots of Nerdy/Geeky things I enjoy; like PC gaming, TV shows of comic book heroes and other entertainment.
  • Adult Coloring Books
  • Blogging and my struggles with it
.... but overall it's probably going to be a little bit random for awhile.  So, grab your favorite beverage and enjoy an adventure with a Plum Petite!
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