T.I.L.T.: Fun Events

Yet again, I felt like White Rabbit from the Alice in Wonderland story.  Always having a race with the clock and the next day the week has flown past!  Though some things weren't great this week, I did manage to find some things to enjoy, and some things to look forward to!

Fun and Spooky Events!

Some things that made my week a little more enjoyable were the fun events I was able to take part in this week, as well as a table top game I've been waiting for on November 5th!  Now, none of these events were necessarily spooky, but one was at least Halloween themed.

  • Trying new fast food places, and enjoying a pretty tasty burger.
  • Baking Halloween Cupcakes (I originally was going to go crazy and make all sorts of spider cupcakes but dialed it down to a simple orange frosting and bat sprinkles)
  • Taking pictures of all my baking adventures (most are listed on my Twitter and Instagram)
  • Looking for new recipes to bake for T^3 (Tea Time Tuesday's are coming back Y'all!)
  • Taking more photos of my interesting tea time treats. (Sorry these are hidden for now!)
  • Chatting about fun Tea Time memories with my wonderful friend, +Lilian Brennan 
  • Having fun at our neighborhood Boo Bash in which I made the cupcakes for, and ended up staying for by helping pass out pizza. (There were SO many cute kiddos and family costumes! - see the photos below the list)
  • Happy to have pictures of my new Fall Foxes I got for my décor this year,  because sadly my "Beast" of a dog chewed them up.
  • Grateful that Hank (aka Beast) didn't eat / swallow the metal parts off the Foxes, avoiding another trip to the ER.
  • Always grateful to have my Sister-in-Law as my vet, especially when we find that Hank's annual came back with him having parasites and is now on antibiotics.
  • Smiling at the fact that my S.i.L. just calls / introduces me as her "Sister" because she says I've been in the family for over 11+ years even if we've only been married 2 years.  It's nice to be so accepted, and loved!
  • Excited for our long awaited 4th session of the D&D campaign with friends old and new, happening this weekend!
  • Most exciting of all is getting to see my sister (who just returned home from her military duties on a Naval Carrier) for a family Thanksgiving!!  I can't wait for that amazing November weekend to get here!

Another super cute and fun costume for the Boo Bash Contest! Here are the finished cupcakes I brought to the Boo Bash! Some awesome costumes for the contest! This one was my favorite.

My Thoughts at Midnight.

Sometimes - well most of the time if you live in the real world - things don't go perfectly.  I laid in bed just reflecting back on all these depressing things going on recently and then flashed back to middle school.  We had a very zany teacher who always talked about being positive and how even rain clouds can have a silver lining if you look hard enough.  Thinking back on that made  me smile, and before drifting to sleep I had this thought of my own:

Even on the darkest days a glimmer of hope can light your path forward. 
- Jennifer McCoy, Plum Petite 2016

I immediately grabbed my phone and used my handy Google Keep app to jot it down quickly.  Hopefully it makes sense, and maybe it'll help you out, or maybe it's just meant to help me.  Either way, it's now going out unto the World Wide Web for anyone to see.

What did you enjoy this week? 

Did you make a gratitude list? Was there something that made you smile since last Thursday?  Please feel free to tell me about them in the comments below!

Until We Meet Again,
Plum Petite
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