Autumn Goals, better late than never!

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Hello All and Hello Fall!

     Here in Texas it doesn't feel much like Autumn as we have the weather forecast showing 90+ degrees Fahrenheit for at least the next week! (my guess is that's not the last of the heat this season)  Well, just as quickly as the wonderful cold front blew through our area, the time flew by along with it and we're now a decent way through Autumn.  Better late than never, I say, to make my Autumn goals known with my friends, family, blogger buddies and wonderful viewers like yourself! 

     I have tried other seasonal goals list in the past, but never really kept up with the rules for them as they didn't fit my needs.  So when asked if I wanted to participate in an Autumn Goals post that wasn't like ones we had done before, I gladly accepted.  Doing a post on things I wanted to achieve in roughly three months time felt like a nice way to have accountability, as well as share some of my interests with others.  Hopefully it can lead to making new connections with others doing similar things!  Originally I had many ideas of things I wanted to try and get done, but going over it and assessing what was more realistic.  As the season goes on I'll try and give periodic updates on my progress to help with accountability.  

So, here's the shortened list of my autumn goals!

Learn a new computer programming language.

My current goal is to get through the JQuery language on map.  The ultimate goal I am striving for is to get the Front End Developer Certification, but am not aiming to reach that goal this season.  The certificate is just stating one of my end goals on free code camp.  Learning JQuery has been something I have wanted to learn in college but they did not offer.  A fellow classmate had learned a small amount and won over the professor in one of my GISC (Geographic Information Science) courses.  It looked really cool and left a seed in my brain that I have desperately wanted to sow the knowledge from.  JQuery - which is technically a "Scripting" language and not a programming language - is something that would really benefit both of my formal degrees (multimedia-internet development and computer science GIS digital information mapping) in hopes of landing a future career.

Read - Search - Ask: Three steps of troubleshooting when stuck programming! This image is a brown rectangle with white text, displaying 3 rules or steps for when you get stuck while programming. From the course material on Free Code Camp dot com.
This is some excellent advice from when you begin coding!
This is taken straight from their website and is owned by them.

Update my resume.

This goal should be self explanatory, and would also help with the future career aspect. (or for any job really)   It also has not been updated in a very, very long time.  I think it has been a few years since I last worked on my resume.

Keep up with TILT posts and gratitude lists.

This goal is already off to a rocky start.  I hoped it would be my easiest goal to keep up with, but I am apparently not doing well with time management and the days fly by before I finish the post.  As today is Thursday and I have not posted my TILT for this week!  I sadly just wasn't as organized with my list making as I intended.  I will still post it, but it will just be late.  For anyone who makes lists, or also does a Things I Love Thursday blog post, what are your suggestions or advice to stay organized?  Let me know in the comments or on my social media of Twitter, Google+ and Facebook!

Do Some Needed Household Maintenance!

There have been a few small things like curtains and photos to hang that have been left undone for some time now.  Plus, the issue of having our one and only smoke detector on the first floor of our two story home, literally falling off the ceiling and dangling by a wire or two is a concern for me.  I have had nightmares about house fires lately, and I think it's the culprit!

Start and keep up with T^3 aka Tea Time Tuesdays!

Lilian and I had started an in person Tea Time Tuesday - T^3 for short - back in our last few semesters of college.  I will try and give you a more in depth look when we actually start the weekly post again.  It is definitely coming back, and it will be filled with tea and treats as we start it.  I don't want to spoil to much here, just letting you know it is in the works!

Loose Four Pounds (4 lbs) Each Month.

Choosing four (4 lbs) pounds as my monthly weight loss seemed like a good starting point.  It means only 1 pound each week and could still be personally challenging with my sedentary lifestyle.  Sadly I have not been monitoring my weight like I should have during September and so this part of my Autumn goal will start in October.  At this point in my life I will be happy with any amount of weight loss.

What are your goals for Autumn? 

Do you have anything you wanted to work on or try something new?  Anything big or small based on personal perspective, can include as much or little detail as you desire.  Feel free to let me know your goals, plans, or thoughts about this post in the comments!  Also, please take a look at my friend +Lilian Brennan 's blog post of their Autumn Goals
Do  you have a Blog? - Join in the Autumn Link-Up blog post if you want, but just be sure to put a link for everyone else in the Link Party!

Until We Meet Again,
Plum Petite
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