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It's been an Interesting Week...

     When you don't feel well enough to write about the few things that DID bring some joy during a Pretty Miserable Situation.  ;-)  So as I was laid up in bed, I tried to get some things typed out and still didn't make it to this post for Thursday.  Don't fret though, as any rain cloud can have a silver lining.  Enjoy the day late #TILT post!

Sisterly Love!

     So, most of the things that brought me joy this week were related my to my sister.  The above photos were part of her week late birthday gift.  I was going to send her pumpkin bread but then found out that shipping it could go terribly wrong... as it could mold from all the moisture. [Yuck!]  Then I found this awesome recipe for Old Fashioned Pumpkin Cookies on the Yummly website/app when I searched for a way to use up the pumpkin puree I had for the bread recipe.  The author of these amazing cookies [Yes, I sampled some before shipping them off...They tasted just like pumpkin bread to me! How cool is that?] stated she used less sugar than the original recipe she found from Nestle brand Libby's Old-Fashioned Soft Pumpkin cookie.  I went with her less sugar version and left off the glaze for shipping purposes - hence the inclusion of the pretty printed recipe for my sister [see above photo] - but after eating one [ OK, so it was two, sorry! ] I wasn't even sure it needed it, as they are SO good as is!

     Now that I think about it, they may have tasted fine on their own because I added extra spices.  I included the ones required by the recipe [ cinnamon and using freshly grated nutmeg. ] plus added a sprinkling of pumpkin pie spice and ground cloves.  Mostly the additional spices came to mind from talking to my sister about crock-pot recipes, and how she always adds more spices to everything!  Which now has me craving some homemade chili; if only we had some cold weather to serve it with.  Oh Texas, how I don't love your sparse winters and lack of full seasonal variety. [We've only had one cold front here, and it makes me sad.]

Here's the short list of Things I Loved since last Thursday:

  • Herbal tea to help soothe my pain, even if it was of little relief it still tastes yummy!
  • Pain killers and heating pads were a large help this week.
  • Enjoying hot bubble baths with my favorite bubble bath Epsom salt in the early evening.
  • Taking a couch nap in the middle of the day. [ Hey if the dog can nap so can I, right? ]
  • Knocking an item off of my Autumn Goals list - I fixed my smoke detector! [ No more nightmares I hope. ]
  • Almost meeting another Autumn goal for my health.  I'm down 3lbs so far [it was 4, but I gained 1 back last week]! Still makes me happy though to just be loosing anything. 
  • Taking a pledge with a friend on MyFitnessPal [link is to my profile] to drink more water for a week. 
  • Sticking with fitness goals, I'm also starting the Fall Back into Fitness Pledge on Monday! [Feel free to join us by visiting the link to their blog post on it - I could use ALL the motivation.]
  • Watching Superhero shows with Mike was also a great highlight of my week! [You can watch them for Free on The CW!]

What Brought You Joy This Week?

Please, help brighten my day by sharing something that brought you some joy.  Even if it was small and just made you smirk, or give a half smile, it's worth sharing! Post it in the comments below and maybe it's something we'll have in common.  You can also reach me on any of my social media accounts, like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram!

Until We Meet Again,
Plum Petite
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