Things I Love Thursday: Lightpainting

[[This post will be combining the previous #TILT post with this week's list of things I love Thursday! Hopefully this won't become a regular feature, and I can get a good template made for future posts to take some of the anxiety out of the mix.]]

Great News, Everyone!

My most favorite game of the year, Stardew Valley, has received its first major UPDATE! I can't wait to share it with you if you haven't yet heard about version 1.1 already, but I will save that for another post.  Below is just a small amount of info on the update as well as the game and where to purchase it if you're interested.

It was announced via this tweet by the developer himself, ConcernedApe, on October 3, 2016.  You can read all about the game and the giant changelog for the update on the main website,!  You can also see trailers for the game as well as purchase the game through the shop as it's now available for Mac and Linux! [The shop on his site is for a Steam Key, but if you don't have or want a Steam account you can purchase it on GOG as well. What is GOG?  It is a digital distribution platform serving fantastic computer games and movies for really low prices, and without the use of DRMs or other intrusive copy protection.]  Currently the game is priced at $14.99 USD.

Going Full English!

Full English is my absolute favorite café in Austin for amazing tea and authentic British food.  The only slight negative [and it's very slight for me] is that they pretty much only serve breakfast options for main courses.  Granted a hearty selection include their authentic bangers and that makes everything wonderful [you can also order them al la carte or by the pound if you call ahead!].  They do serve a special of Fish and Chips [now also includes Bangers and Chips] exclusively on Friday evenings.  This is something I haven't tried yet but feel the urge to go tomorrow.

Now I did mention it was my favorite for tea, and this week I discovered they had homemade bottled London Fog Lattes to go!  I was so happy to see it in their drink cooler after I finished my fried eggs and toast.  I also spotted in their pastries case a treat I had during High Tea.  Yep, you read that right, they have High Tea!  It was such a fun girls day with my two best friends who came to visit, and all very reasonable for beautiful spread.

Full English Fried Eggs and Toast!

My goodies from the Full English Café.

New Art Forms & Mediums!

Lightpaintings are Cool [and some are warm ;-)]

Thanks again to my wonderful Bing Homepage I found another gem of an artist, Stephen Knapp!  This new-to-me form of art, called Lightpaianting, really spoke to me from all of my past schooling in the arts.  Prisms were another fascination of mine for some time during my childhood, and I played with many different ones at my Mamaw's house. 
Stephen Knapp's Lightpainting Art shows high polished glass of varing angles to create different colors in his light paintings, shown here with three large frames floating in front of the glass and lights with vivid color spectrums.
Photo taken from an article by Alice Yoo on
No photo credits were found on her post from Feb 20, 2013.
I'm unsure if they are by her or the artist.

Here is an excerpt from the artists main website on his Lightpaintings artwork:
Stephen Knapp’s Lightpaintings are a new art form, a new beginning and the next step in the evolution of painting. Dispensing with traditional media and narrative content he is one of a small group of artists who work with light. Formed at the intersection of paintings, sculpture and architecture, his lightpaintings are intangible, multi-dimensional compositions of pure radiance making visible the light that surrounds us and transforming it into something physical yet inherently transcendental. [Read the rest here:]

I have always loved how light works in art, and is probably the reason I love Thomas Kinkade's paintings so much!  He wasn't called the "Painter of Light" for nothing y'all.  One of my favorite puzzles I actually glued together and framed was of his painting "Sunset on Lamplight Lane".

A Few More Things

  • Turning on my computer to see a beautiful image of a lavender field in Bulgaria.
  • Watching lots of comic book hero shows with my hubby. [recently it's been The Flash, Arrow, Super Girl and Luke Cage!]
  • Playing my favorite game of Stardew Valley.
  • Watching some of my favorite YouTube personalities and Twitch streamers while doing household things.
  • A wonderful girls yoga night really helped me feel better this week!
  • Finding an awesome new song to listen to.

Well that about wraps up my list for this double #TILT post! 

What things did you love or enjoy this week?

Until We Meet Again,
Plum Petite
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