My Inspiration for Things I Love Thursday from Petticoat Pedaler

This is the blog post I mentioned last Thursday, September 22nd, that spoke to me and helped me follow through in making my first gratitude list and T.I.L.T. post.  Thanks again +Lilian Brennan!

Petticoat Pedaler : Things I Love Thursday: Try a Gratitude List:    Gratitude list have made a big difference in my disposition.  Depression is something I have dealt with since childhood.  Being grateful is not going to fix that, but it is one tool you can use to get better control in your life.

    In my experience taking not of things that make me happy, no matter how small or how often it is the same thing, helps me to not forget that there are good things in this would. People can tell us all the time that there are good things.  But our brains have a tendency to remember all the negative and forget the good.  The negativity and the bad stuff is almost like a fog that tries to conceal the good and the happy.
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Until We Meet Again,
Plum Petite
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