Things I Love Thursday: A Long Break

Hello there. 

I'm sure you've noticed my absence as of late. Struggling to muster the strength to even right this post. I've enjoyed the thanksgiving break with family and friends, even if it didn't all work out how we hoped.

My husband and I have had a rough few weeks (with another one to come) with our beloved adopted dog Hank. I'll save that for later though, because it's hard to talk about right now.

Here were a few happy things from my downtime:

  • - Seeing my sister, Granny and Aunt, as well as extended family friends for a pre-thanksgiving fajita lunch! (This made for the best thanksgiving yet!)
  • - Having my hubby home for a few days to hang out, catch up on t.v. and play lots of games.
  • - Getting to see the Dr. Strange movie!
  • - Having another (and way more traditional) thanksgiving with Mike's family on actual Turkey Day.
  • - Being allowed to bring Hank with us to their house, so we didn't have to spend a lot on a sitter.
  • - Surviving my awful PMS cramps during thanksgiving ( I suffer from a medical condition called P.C.O.S. which makes things way worse, but this is for another day)
  • - Grateful for a heated gel pack for the trip home the Friday after thanksgiving.
  • - Was thrilled at how well Hank did in the car for the almost 3 hour trip each way to and from the in-laws.
  • - Happy to not deal with the Black Friday mess (shop online folks!) I actually didn't do any shopping as I felt so miserable and frustrated by the end of the trip.
  • - Having good food with my mom and sister when they came by to see our new house before my sister flew back to Florida.
  • - Playing tourists and enjoying awesome breakfast tacos before leaving to the airport the next morning.
  • - Attempting a lemon bread loaf for T^3 this week and it failed to rise to the occasion. (literally just fell flat) So, sorry for skipping that post!
  • - Enjoying the nice lemon aroma that filled the house while baking the failed tea time Tuesday treat.
  • - Happy my tea was fine and tasty.
  • - Taking photos of Hank and cuddling everyday, until his last.
  • - Coloring pages in my animal adult coloring books.

How about You?

What were some things that made you happy? Did you enjoy your holiday season?

Until We Meet Again,
Plum Petite

Things I Love Thursday: Little Surprises

This week had some great little surprises that I'm very grateful for!  And of course trying new treats are always fun, too!  What made you happy this week?  Were you grateful for anything?  See all my little surprises in the list below!

Tea Time Tuesday: Cranberry Orange Scones

Image of Antique tea cup and saucer with two cranberry-orange scones surrounding the cup on the saucer.  Has purple and plum text for "Tea Time Tuesday" and a marigold color text for "Cranberry-Orange Scones" on the upper right-hand side of the image.

Welcome to Tea Time Tuesday!

     This week both Lilian and I suggested scone recipes for our second Tea Time treat.  Hah! That worked out to be a literal statement, as the recipe was from Tea Time Magazine!  Then we each had the same idea on changing the original recipe with its use of raisins to dried cranberries.   Now, since neither one of us are perfect, you'll get to read all about our mishaps and solutions.

Pour yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy reading about our newest T^3 adventure!  Cheers!

Tea Time Tuesday: Pumpkin Loaf

Close up of a pumpkin bread loaf with pumpkin seeds on top sitting on a square blue and green plate with a plain silver butter knife next to the bread on the plate. Also has Tea Time Tuesday and in orange and white text in the upper right corner.

Welcome to Tea Time Tuesday!

     This week we will enjoy the famous taste for fall, pumpkin spice!  Lilian and I agreed on trying a pumpkin bread that closely mimics Starbucks Pumpkin Loaf with our choice of tea.  We each had the same recipe to work with, but tea choice falls to whatever we want or have on hand individually.  So grab your cup of tea and enjoy reading about our newest T^3 adventure!  Cheers!

T.I.L.T.: Fun Events

Yet again, I felt like White Rabbit from the Alice in Wonderland story.  Always having a race with the clock and the next day the week has flown past!  Though some things weren't great this week, I did manage to find some things to enjoy, and some things to look forward to!

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