Tea Time Tuesday: The Nook @ Lotus Dreams Tea

Ah, the wonderful day of the week where I get to have an adventure with my great friend +Lilian and Tea! We're always on the look-out for new "tea houses" and new varieties of tea, wanting to do something different each Tuesday.The adventure is never the same, and always exciting [as well as relaxing when we actually sit down and enjoy the tea]

Welcome to Just Plum Petite!

Ah, Why "Hello There!" 

 It's so nice of you to drop in!

I'm in the process of starting up a new and personal blog on my life adventures in things I enjoy, so keep an eye out for new beginnings by ME! 

Since this is just beginning, and I'm still not completely ready [Still figuring out the design and how to post properly, make sure everything is user friendly <- Honestly, the way I see it, is that YOU the reader, are all that matters!]. So, please bear with me while I piece this blog together, one small step at a time. :-) 

Some Topic Ideas include:

"Tea Time Tuesday" - This is actually a set topic of a weekly adventure with my friend +Lilian Brennan over at Petticoat Pedaler

13 Seasonal Goals List - Also teamed up with [inspired by] +Lilian Brennan on this

My Wedding Planning Craziness
Weight Loss journey
FOOOOD!! [Nom, Nom, Nom] + Cooking Adventures
Lots of Nerdy/Geeky things I enjoy
Games/Gaming things ?

.... but overall it's just going to be a little bit random for awhile 

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