Tea Time Tuesday: The Nook @ Lotus Dreams Tea

Ah, the wonderful day of the week where I get to have an adventure with my great friend +Lilian and Tea! We're always on the look-out for new "tea houses" and new varieties of tea, wanting to do something different each Tuesday.The adventure is never the same, and always exciting [as well as relaxing when we actually sit down and enjoy the tea]

This week we explored a new tea venue in Corpus Christi called Lotus Dreams Tea! It was such a nice place, with an amazing back lounge area [a secluded, and relaxing nook away from the main entrance], perfect for enjoying your tea with a group of friends. They had such a wide selection of loose leaf teas it was really hard for us to pick just one! We did come across one blend that they made themselves there [that morning actually], and it was called "Sweetheart"; a great mixture of white tea leaves, rose petals, cinnamon, and I think there was another ingredient but maybe not, none-the-less, it was a very delicious tea! There was also another homemade blend called the "white rabbit" that I'm going back to try.

picture of the Sweetheart Tea in a cute flower print tea cup on matching saucer
Sweetheart Tea in a very cute tea cup!

Speaking of trying new teas, there is a great opportunity for everyone to go and try out a lot of different teas - for Free! Lotus Dreams Tea is having a tea tasting on April 26th, and said they would post detail on their Facebook page. [UPDATE: The time is 1 - 3 p.m.] Aside from all the wonderful tea selections, they also sell a large assortment of tea pots and cups and other tea accessories, including a clearance section [who doesn't love a sale]!

This was the teapot I wanted to save up for!
Once we were done there, we had noted the Middle East Market was across the street and that it would be a great place to try and find a Kazakhstan chocolate bar [I originally got it in my stocking at Christmas and LOVED it! I just haven't found were to get another one...]. So I gathered my friends and we went on a small hunt for this wonderful chocolate bar... and while we didn't find it at the Middle East Market, we did find super fresh baklava [which I had never tried before!] and it was soooo delicious!!

Continuing my quest to find this chocolate bar...

...we traveled over to +Cost Plus World Market to see if we might find it there. While the staff was helpful here as well, they said they "don't usually carry 'Greek Chocolate" it's mostly German and British" ... so I ended up buying this nice sampler of Ritter Sport chocolates!
The sampler pack included: 2 milk chocolate, 2 milk chocolate with Yogurt filling, 1 milk chocolate with Praline, 1 milk chocolate with Cornflakes, 1 dark chocolate with Marzipan, 1 milk chocolate with Butter Cookie, and 1 milk chocolate with chopped Hazelnuts.

Also, +Lili and I then continued our adventure at the mall but I won't be going into detail about that here due to it now being Friday, and I've really wanted to get this post out much earlier.

My "happy" find at the mall!
Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think in the comments!

~ Plum Petite

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