My Inspiration for Things I Love Thursday from Petticoat Pedaler

This is the blog post I mentioned last Thursday, September 22nd, that spoke to me and helped me follow through in making my first gratitude list and T.I.L.T. post.  Thanks again +Lilian Brennan!

Things I Love Thursday: Artists & Their Art

     The week seems to have flown by me yet again, as Thursday quickly came full circle and I rushed to get my T.I.L.T. gratitude list typed up.  I have been juggling a lot more this past week and it is catching up to me.  Which made it all the nicer to have a list of happy things to look back upon!

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Things I Love Thursday! - #TILT

     Oh My Goodness!! 

     Look at how long it's been!  I had so much happening with my life and family, then throw in graduation, my wedding, buying our first house and adopting a spastic dreams of doing a blog got lost in the flurry. 

     Well, I'm back at again, attempting to start much smaller this Autumn season!  The blog will mostly start slow with "Things I Love Thursdays" and "Tea Time Tuesdays" once my friend +Lilian Brennan where we will share our baking trials and tea pairings before branching it out further.

     So, without further ado, lets get to the actual list of Things I Loved (and were grateful for) in this weeks gratitude list:

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