Things I Love Thursday: Little Surprises

This week had some great little surprises that I'm very grateful for!  And of course trying new treats are always fun, too!  What made you happy this week?  Were you grateful for anything?  See all my little surprises in the list below!

My small list of gratitude, surprises, and enjoyment include:

  • Binge watching Jane The Virgin on Netflix, so I could watch the new season on CW.
  • Really so invested in that show right now, and Loved the little surprise of Dot-Marie Jones making a guest appearance!
  • Finding these amazing cookies on sale at my grocery store [This brand was tweeted by Anne Wheaton, and OMG was she right about how incredible they are!] Getting them for $1 off was just an extra sweet bonus!
  • So happy for the CW app and their streaming services.
  • Surviving an election day and grateful for the privilege to vote.
  • Having free WiFi at a grocery store to download offline version of Google Maps to get important driving directions to get my phone replaced!
  • Grateful for warranties. [hooray free phone replacement!]
  • Having a pre-Thanksgiving lunch with my family this coming weekend!
  • Even better...getting to see my grandma [my last living grandparent now], one of my aunt's, and - wait for it - MY SISTER!!
  • Then Mike and I can celebrate Thanksgiving day with his family [parents and sisters]!
  • Best little surprise this week, Having my dad show up and stay the night!
  • Having pumpkin pancakes with my dad at IHOP the next morning [even if he thinks that pumpkin pancakes are weird, that's ok!]

What made YOU happy this week?

Let me know in the comments down below of some things that brought a smile to your face.  You can also reach me on social media if you'd like to comment there instead!

Until We Meet Again,
Plum Petite
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