TILT: Birthday Baking

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It's been an Interesting Week...

     When you don't feel well enough to write about the few things that DID bring some joy during a Pretty Miserable Situation.  ;-)  So as I was laid up in bed, I tried to get some things typed out and still didn't make it to this post for Thursday.  Don't fret though, as any rain cloud can have a silver lining.  Enjoy the day late #TILT post!

Things I Love Thursday: Winery Trail

     Today's post was delayed from mostly my procrastination, but also for taking time out to do something I Love!  This morning I got the chance to take another trip on the Texas Hill Country Wine Trail, and it was even more exciting to have it be exactly one year to the day!  It really made my Thursday #TILT if ya know what I'm sayin', LOL!  So sit back, grab a glass of wine, and enjoy my post on Things I Loved this week.

Autumn Goals, better late than never!

Photo & artwork by Lilian A. Brennan

Hello All and Hello Fall!

     Here in Texas it doesn't feel much like Autumn as we have the weather forecast showing 90+ degrees Fahrenheit for at least the next week! (my guess is that's not the last of the heat this season)  Well, just as quickly as the wonderful cold front blew through our area, the time flew by along with it and we're now a decent way through Autumn.  Better late than never, I say, to make my Autumn goals known with my friends, family, blogger buddies and wonderful viewers like yourself! 

Things I Love Thursday: Lightpainting

[[This post will be combining the previous #TILT post with this week's list of things I love Thursday! Hopefully this won't become a regular feature, and I can get a good template made for future posts to take some of the anxiety out of the mix.]]

Great News, Everyone!

My most favorite game of the year, Stardew Valley, has received its first major UPDATE! I can't wait to share it with you if you haven't yet heard about version 1.1 already, but I will save that for another post.  Below is just a small amount of info on the update as well as the game and where to purchase it if you're interested.

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