Things I Love Thursday: Winery Trail

     Today's post was delayed from mostly my procrastination, but also for taking time out to do something I Love!  This morning I got the chance to take another trip on the Texas Hill Country Wine Trail, and it was even more exciting to have it be exactly one year to the day!  It really made my Thursday #TILT if ya know what I'm sayin', LOL!  So sit back, grab a glass of wine, and enjoy my post on Things I Loved this week.

Photo of grape vines at the Solaro Estate Austin Winery
Photo of grape vines at the Solaro Estate Winery in the Austin, Texas hill country. See the rest on Instagram!

Oh, What a Happy Day!

     I loved going on this 2016 Texas Wine Month Trail with my sister-in-law, who is super awesome and shared her Couples Trail Passport with me, so our tastings were covered!  Then while looking up it's details on their website for next year I found out they have a Christmas Wine Affair from December 2nd through the 18th!  It's the same price as the regular wine month trail [$70/couples and $40/individual] but also includes a collectable ornament, as well as the same perks  of the other trail [Wine Passport for the year,  Complimentary Tastings at 4 wineries per day, and 15% discount on 3-bottle purchases!], which makes it the ticket price paid off on your first winery visit!  Now if only my husband liked wine!!  I have considered looking into a brewery tour for him if he was interested.

     The best way to round off my already terrific Thursday, was an awesome Skype call with my sister serving our country in the Navy.  It makes me appreciate having all the technology we do have, and getting to see her face almost instantaneously seems like a miracle.  To think back to a time, not all that long ago, when we didn't even have internet just makes it that more amazing!  Even with all the wonderful  wine I enjoyed, nothing beats getting to see my sister in my room even though she's many states away.  That's pure joy right there y'all!

    Well enough jibber-jabbing I'll get on with the list.  Enjoy!

  • Chatting with friends
  • Enjoying Coffee and Tea
  • Finally getting some rain
  • Having the rain make it feel a little like Fall here.
  • Getting my stubborn smoke detector finally back on the ceiling!! [see my Autumn Goals for more!]
  • Looking at stunning photos on the internet of the Aurora Borealis, SO Beautiful!
  • Having my last session of physical therapy!
  • Playing more Stardew Valley, of course!  [I'll always love this game!}
  • Trying new recipes, and even though I messed up the fruit it was a learning experience.
  • Attempting  to learn how to properly use Google Analytics and Bloglovin' [Feel free to follow me!]
  • Getting this blog post done on an actual Thursday  ;-)
  • Taking cool photos on the Winery Trail and posting them on My Instagram @jennpage04

Until We Meet Again,
Plum Petite
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